Stay Connected: Unleashing Your Enhanced Messaging Power

Conversations on WhatsApp can often mimic those heart-to-heart, fleeting moments we have in-person - ones that come and go, like footprints on a sandy beach. And while our Disappearing Messages feature ensures your chats don't hang around for too long, we also understand there are certain voice notes or tidbits of info you'd love to hang on to, like a cherished postcard.

So, drumroll, please... Introducing "Keep in Chat"! Think of it as your personal memory box within WhatsApp, where you can keep certain messages close. And because we value the sender's sentiments, if you've sent the message, you get a say in whether it stays or goes.

Here's the superpower part: if someone decides to keep your message, you'll get a heads-up. And, if you feel like that message shouldn't be saved, you have the final call. Once you decide a message isn't for keeps, it'll vanish when its timer is up. You're in control of your own narrative!

Wondering where your saved treasures go? They'll sport a cute little bookmark icon and nestle safely in your "Kept Messages" folder, organized by chat. It's like a digital scrapbook of your favorite moments.

We genuinely hope this brings a bit more comfort and flexibility to your messaging experience. Keep an eye out, as this feature will be landing in devices worldwide in the coming weeks. Happy chatting and memory-making!

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