Unveiling Catalogs Tailored for Small Enterprises

Isn't it wonderful when technology makes our lives a bit easier? If you're like me and you cherish those heartwarming chats on WhatsApp with your go-to small businesses, you'd understand the tiny hiccup of needing multiple messages just to get details about a single product. Imagine asking about a cupcake and ending up with ten messages just to know its flavor and price!

Well, the good folks at WhatsApp caught onto this, and they're here to sprinkle a bit of magic. Say hello to "catalogs" on the WhatsApp Business app!

Think of catalogs as a cozy little shop window right on your phone. Businesses can now flaunt their amazing products, allowing us to leisurely scroll, wonder, and - of course - shop. Gone are the days when businesses had to bombard you with photo after photo. Now, it's like flipping through a vibrant magazine, all within WhatsApp. It's not just super convenient for us, but it also adds a dash of professionalism to these small businesses.

Take Agradaya, for instance, an eco-friendly herb and spice haven in Indonesia. Andhika Mahardika, the brain, and heart behind it, got a sneak peek into this catalog feature. His excitement was palpable as he shared how it streamlined the experience for his customers. They could now see pictures, know the prices, and get acquainted with the products - all under one roof.

And here's a bit of tech magic for the geeks among us: for every item on display, there's a space for the price, description, and even a product code. But don't worry about these catalogs eating up your phone's memory – WhatsApp has got that covered by hosting them.

If you're a business owner and this sounds like a dream, setting it up is as easy as pie. There's even a video to guide you through! Happy cataloging!

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