WhatsApp Introduces Updates to Polls and Caption-Sharing Features

As we constantly look for ways to make WhatsApp more user-friendly, we're excited to roll out some fresh features that will hopefully sprinkle a touch more joy and convenience into your daily chats.

Fresh Takes on Polls

Ever wanted a closer, more organized way to get opinions or make collective decisions in your groups? We've spiced up our Polls feature with three awesome tweaks:

  • Single-Vote Polls: Sometimes, all you need is a straightforward answer. For those moments, we’re giving poll creators the power to limit voting to a single option. Just deselect 'allow multiple answers' when setting up your poll.
  • Poll Search: We get it, chats can get busy, and it's easy to lose a poll in the flood of messages. No more scrolling endlessly – simply tap ‘Search’ on your ‘Chats’ screen and hit ‘Polls’ to see all the polls you've been part of.
  • Real-time Poll Updates: Because we know how eagerly you await responses, you'll now get a little ping whenever someone casts a vote on your poll. Stay informed without having to constantly check!

Captions While Forwarding

Photos can tell a thousand words, but sometimes, a little caption can tell a story. When you're sending cherished memories or the latest meme, you can swiftly pass them between chats. And if you’re in a rush and miss adding context, fret not!

From now on, while forwarding any media that already has a caption, you’ll have the freedom to retain, edit, or scrap it. And if you're forwarding something without a caption? Feel free to add your touch with some words.

Captioned Document Sharing

Just like photos and videos, sometimes documents need an introduction. Whether you're sharing an intriguing article or an important work file, you can now give a brief about what you're sending with a nifty caption.

Keep an eye out – these enhancements are gradually reaching users worldwide, and you should be able to experience them in the next few weeks. Happy chatting!

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